Beyond the Garden Gate

Private Gardens of the Southern Highlands

Beyond the Garden Gate

Private Gardens of the Southern Highlands

Beyond the Garden Gate

Private Gardens of the Southern Highlands

Beyond the Garden Gate

Private Gardens of the Southern Highlands


This book is for anyone who loves gardening and those who simply appreciate and respect the beauty, art and design of a garden.  It tells the very personal stories behind the creation of twenty magnificent private gardens located in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales.

Each story is unique however they share a passion to create and nurture a private haven, taking advantage of the Southern Highlands' climate that celebrates four distinct growing seasons. Big, small, rural, suburban, formal, informal, native and exotic, the variety in the designs revealed in these pages will be sure to delight.

There is also a look at some of the personalities who work alongside garden owners of The Highlands. Rarely does a garden owner work in isolation. They are supported by a team of passionate experts and this book also celebrates some of those characters who weave their magic in gardens across the Highlands.

The Story Behind the Book

Since moving to The Highlands I have been amazed by the passion and dedication of the local garden community. It fuelled my curiosity: 
What beauty does such passion create?

As I drove down country laneways and explored the leafy suburban streets across the Highlands I wondered what lay beyond the tall hedges, at the end of the winding driveways, tucked behind the rambling stonewall fence, and of course, beyond the garden gate.

This book is the result of my curiosity.  I decided I was probably not the only person wanting to see over the fence!

However I am not a gardener. I love and appreciate their beauty but am far from a horticulturist and in no way claim to be a garden expert.

So this is a story book as much as it is a garden book.

It isn't filled with botanical names because my priority was to share the love and emotion that went into the garden more than just the plants.

You may notice I have worked hard to protect the privacy of my wonderful garden owners. They have created their divine spaces purely for their own joy so it was important to tell their story whilst respecting their right to privacy.

I quite literally stumbled upon the characters featured in this book while they were working in the gardens I visited.  The reputation of each character was so strong in the local garden community that they need little advertising.

It is has been an absolute pleasure to compile "Beyond the Garden Gate".
I hope you enjoy the beauty and stories behind the gardens of the Southern Highlands of NSW. 

About the Author

Ten years ago my husband and I embarked on the ultimate tree change when we moved our young family to the NSW Southern Highlands and bought a tree farm!

Following a career working in public relations I took time out to raise our boys and as time permitted I turned my attention to corporate writing. 

My real joy has always been discovering and telling stories and in the Southern Highlands I have discovered an extraordinary community of artists, creators and gardeners. 

This book combines my love of writing and storytelling together with my appreciation for beauty and gorgeous gardens.

Jaqui Cameron


If you have any questions about the book please don't hesitate to contact me.

If you are based outside Australia and would like to order a copy please send me an email with your destination address so I can provide a specific shipping rate.